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Wednesday March 21, 1973
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Prime-time network TV listings for Wednesday March 21, 1973:

8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour: Show 43 - Third Season Finale Medical Center: The Torn Man (R) Cannon: Deadly Heritage
ABC The Paul Lynde Show: Howie Comes Home To Roost (R) Movie: Toma (1973) Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law: Words Of Summer (R)
NBC Adam-12: Easy Rap Banacek: A Million The Hard Way (R) Search: Ends Of The Earth

Program details:

[CBS 8:00] The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour [Reg]: Show 43 - Third Season Finale
Season 3, episode 24

With Lyle Waggoner, William Conrad, Chad Everett, Carol Burnett, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Jean Stapleton, Rolf Harris.
The Third Annual Bono TV Awards are presented. In the vamp segment, Cher is seen as Anna interviewing for a job with the King of Siam and as Sadie Thompson corrupting a travelogue maker.

[ABC 8:00] The Paul Lynde Show [Reg]: Howie Comes Home To Roost
Season 1, episode 1
W: Ron Clark, Sam Bobrick   D: William Asher

With Dick Van Patten (Wollner), Hope Summers.
Debut of a series featuring Paul Lynde as a lawyer-husband-father in suburbia, beleaguered and put upon by all. In the opener, Paul's daughter returns home from college with her unemployed husband Howie, for whom Paul tries to find a position.

(Repeat program, originally aired 9/13/1972)

[NBC 8:00] Adam-12 [Reg]: Easy Rap
Season 5, episode 24
W: Michael Donovan   D: Dennis Donnelly

With Joe Kapp (Joe Mitchell), Catherine Burns (Sandy Rice), Florence Lake (Millicent Anderson), Joe E. Tata (Frank Ducas), Robert Clarke (Dan Johnson), Damon Douglas (Lou Trask).
Legal rulings which seem to protect criminals frustrate Officers Malloy and Reed: a former dope addict claims that a pusher killed her boyfriend with heroin, and wealth and a smart lawyer set up a tragic end for a car thief.

[ABC 8:30] Movie: Toma (1973)
W: Gerald Di Pego, Edward Hume   D: Richard T. Heffron

With Tony Musante, Simon Oakland, Susan Strasberg, Michael Baeselon, David Spielberg, Nicholas Colasanto, Abe Vigoda, Robert Yuro, Philip Michael Thomas.
True story of Det. Dave Toma of the Newark, N.J. police force, whose mastery of disguises enabled him to infiltrate and singlehandedly destroy a syndicate gambling operation. Pilot movie for the series.

[NBC 8:30] Banacek [Reg]: A Million The Hard Way
Season 1, episode 4
W: Stanley Ralph Ross   D: Bernard L. Kowalski

With Margot Kidder (Linda Carsini), Don Porter (Arnold Leeland), Don Keefer (Loomis), Barry Russo (Lester Sawyer), Claire Brennan (Betty Janus), William Bryant (Frank Burns), Angela Green (Marcia Leeland), Dolores Quinton (Edna Beach), Harvey Fisher (Andrews), Russ Marin (Marvin Flanders), Stanley Ralph Ross (Larry Fields), Mary Ann Gibson (Florence Loomis).
A million dollars in cash vanishes while on display in Las Vegas and Banacek is called in to investigate.

(Repeat program, originally aired 11/1/1972)

[CBS 9:00] Medical Center [Reg]: The Torn Man
Season 4, episode 5
W: Barry Oringer   D: Vincent Sherman

With Robert H. Harris (Gruber), Vincent Beck (Lewie Tappie), Marcia Rodd (Connie), Harry Guardino (Dr. Rubinstein).
An impulsive older intern, in constant trouble over his emotional involvement with patients, falls in love with a girl who has tried to commit suicide.

(Repeat program, originally aired 10/11/1972)

[CBS 10:00] Cannon [Reg]: Deadly Heritage
Season 2, episode 24
W: Robert Lewin   D: Seymour Robbie

With John Anderson (Major Bliss), Beverly Garland (Cecilia Lasher), Lynne Marta (Lorna Newcomb), Kathryn Reynolds (Lt. Eller), Larry Golden (Jessie Bliss), David Macklin (Martin Newcomb), Glynn Turman (Jamal).
Two near-fatal accidents involving a wealthy patron of the arts cloud Frank Cannon's investigation into the disappearance of a missing stepson.

[ABC 10:00] Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law [Reg]: Words Of Summer
Season 2, episode 1
W: Edward DeBlasio   D: Harry Falk

With Pat O'Brien (Harvey Goodnough), Craig Stevens (Julian Carpenter), Barbara Rush (Louise Carpenter), Meredith Baxter (Ann Glover).
Counselor Marshall opens his second season by helping an Olympic-caliber diver get reinstated after she lost her amateur status by accepting a monetary gift.

(Repeat program, originally aired 9/14/1972)

[NBC 10:00] Search [Reg]: Ends Of The Earth
Season 1, episode 21
W: Robert C. Dennis   D: Ralph Senensky

With Sebastian Cabot (Tobler), Diana Muldaur (Sheila Johansen), Jay Robinson (Claude Johansen), Simon Scott (Timothy H. Slater), Judy Lewis (Ellen Slater), William Bassett (Donald).
Probe agent Bianco and control chief Cameron are assigned to find the murderer of a business executive whose supposed suicide is questioned by his wife.

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