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Sunday March 25, 1973
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News stories from Sunday March 25, 1973

Summaries of the stories the major media outlets considered to be of particular importance on this date:

  • The U.S. stated that its remaining troops in South Vietnam will not be withdrawn until all Vietnam-held POWs and all Laos-held POWs are released. Vietnamese Communists say they have nothing to do with Laos' prisoners. The White House insists there was an unwritten agreement that American POWs being held in Laos were to be released with those who were held in Vietnam. President Nixon and Henry Kissinger feel that North Vietnam is not living up to the cease-fire agreement. [NBC]
  • A possible reason for the delay in the release of Laos-held POWs is that the situation in Laos may still be so unsettled that the Communist Pathet Lao feels its bargaining position with the U.S.-backed government is stronger while the prisoners are still held. Communists and the Laotian government are discussing the formation of a coalition government. The U.S. has an extensive aid program in Laos directed towards keeping the anti-Communist regime afloat. With the Communists participating in a coalition government, American influence would decrease. [NBC]
  • South Vietnam completed the release of all Communist POWs. Some of those prisoners decided to stay on the government's side. [NBC]
  • Sam Dash, chief counsel for the Senate Watergate Committee, said that he has met with convicted defendant James McCord and McCord promises to tell the Senate everything he knows about the case. [NBC]
  • U.S. families are decreasing in size and zero population growth in this country is a possibility. Last year the U.S. had the lowest rate of population growth in its history. Later marriages, a high divorce rate, easy access to contraceptives and liberal abortion laws all contribute to the decision to have fewer children. If the present decrease in the rate of population growth continues, the population would continue to increase slowly for about 60 years. By the year 2035, U.S. population would level off. There are fewer children in schools now, and companies which make baby products are feeling the effects of the declining birth rate. [NBC]
  • The federal government reported that the cost of food was up 2.5% in February. [NBC]
  • Chase Manhattan Bank yielded to government pressure and reduced its prime lending rate to 6.5% from 6.75%. [NBC]
  • Wednesday is officially the last day of the Vietnam war for the United States. All POWs should have been freed and all U.S. troops should be out of South Vietnam by then. [NBC]

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