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Thursday May 17, 1973
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Sports headlines for Thursday May 17, 1973:

Scores through round 1 of the 1973 Danny Thomas Memphis Classic

Tournament held at Colonial Country Club (Cordova, TN) from May 17, 1973 to May 20, 1973     (Par 72)

RankNameRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4To ParTotalWinnings
1Dan Sikes67-567$2,450
2Dave Hill68-468$35,000
2Ron Cerrudo68-468$682
4Allen Miller70-270$16,188
4Mike Hill70-270$1,619
4Doug Sanders70-270$499
4Dale Douglass70-270$333
8Lee Trevino71-171$16,188
8Gene Littler71-171$6,493
8Bert Greene71-171$4,550
8Leonard Thompson71-171$3,675
8Lee Elder71-171$3,675
8Forrest Fezler71-171$3,063
8Jerry McGee71-171$1,619
8Dave Marad71-171$967
8Pete Brown71-171$682
8Gardner Dickinson71-171$372
8Tom Watson71-171$0
19Charles Sifford72Even72$6,493
19David Glenz72Even72$6,493
19Hubert Green72Even72$4,550
19Dave Stockton72Even72$2,450
19Frank Beard72Even72$842
19Charles Coody72Even72$499
19Martin Bohen72Even72$499
19Bob Lunn72Even72$302
19Tom Ulozas72Even72$0
19Lee Wykle72Even72$0
29John Schlee73+173$3,675
29Johnny Miller73+173$3,063
29Mike Morley73+173$2,450
29Ray Floyd73+173$1,190
29Dick Lotz73+173$1,190
29Kermit Zarley73+173$1,190
29Paul Moran73+173$842
29Bert Weaver73+173$842
29Bud Allin73+173$682
29John Lotz73+173$682
29Bobby Cole73+173$411
29Dwight Nevil73+173$372
29Vern Novak73+173$372
29Rod Curl73+173$333
29Bob Smith73+173$333
29Randy Wolff73+173$276
29Miller Barber73+173$0
29Dave Barber73+173$0
29Freddie Haas73+173$0
29Art Wall73+173$0
49Larry Ziegler74+274$6,493
49Bob Shaw74+274$2,450
49Tom Shaw74+274$2,450
49Lou Graham74+274$1,190
49Mac McLendon74+274$1,190
49Pat Fitzsimons74+274$1,190
49Gibby Gilbert74+274$967
49Bob Barbarossa74+274$842
49Ras Allen74+274$499
49Artie McNickle74+274$411
49Chris Blocker74+274$333
49Tom Kite74+274$302
49Don Padgett74+274$0
49John Toepel74+274$0
49David Graham74+274$0
49Bob Wynn74+274$0
49Mike Wynn74+274$0
49Billy Ziobro74+274$0
67Jim Dent75+375$1,619
67Richard Crawford75+375$1,619
67Bruce Fleisher75+375$682
67Chuck Thorpe75+375$411
67Chuck Courtney75+375$372
67Victor Regalado75+375$333
67Gary Sanders75+375$0
67Jim Barber75+375$0
67Curtis Sifford75+375$0
67Bob Eastwood75+375$0
67Bobby Phillips75+375$0
78Hale Irwin76+476$6,493
78George Archer76+476$1,619
78Phil Rodgers76+476$499
78Ross Randall76+476$279
78Howie Johnson76+476$276
78Tom Sanderson76+476$263
78Steve Spray76+476$0
78Larry Wise76+476$0
78Gary Groh76+476$0
78Herb Hooper76+476$0
78Richie Karl76+476$0
78Babe Hiskey76+476$0
78Larry Stubblefield76+476$0
78Jim Ferriell76+476$0
78Bob Payne76+476$0
78Johnny Pott76+476$0
78George Hixon76+476$0
78J.C. Snead76+476$0
96Deane Beman77+577$1,619
96John Mahaffey77+577$1,190
96Ed Sneed77+577$411
96Tom Jenkins77+577$411
96George Johnson77+577$0
96Mike Reasor77+577$0
96Jim Jamieson77+577$0
96Dick Rhyan77+577$0
96Bob Menne77+577$0
96Randy Morris77+577$0
96Les Peterson77+577$0
96David Jimenez77+577$0
108Jerry Heard78+678$0
108Jim Jewell78+678$0
108Jim Ahern78+678$0
108Byron Comstock78+678$0
108Bob Lewis78+678$0
108Mike McCullough78+678$0
114Mason Rudolph79+779$0
114Ben Kern79+779$0
114Terry Small79+779$0
114Labron Harris79+779$0
118Bobby Mitchell80+880$0
118Tom Evans80+880$0
118Bob Allard80+880$0
118Marion Heck80+880$0
118Don Iverson80+880$0
118Lionel Hebert80+880$0
118George Knudson80+880$0
118Charles Owens80+880$0
118Jim Marshall80+880$0
118John Adams80+880$0
118Jerry Barrier80+880$0
129Tim Collins81+981$0
129John Morgan81+981$0
131Marty Fleckman82+1082$0
131Roy Pace82+1082$0
131Rick Acton82+1082$0
134Steve Reid83+1183$0
135Harry Toscano84+1284$0
136Tommy McGinnis86+1486$0

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