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Sunday January 13, 1974
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Sports headlines for Sunday January 13, 1974:

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Fran Tarkenton (MIN)182 yards
Bob Griese (MIA)73 yards
Larry Csonka (MIA)145 yards
Mercury Morris (MIA)34 yards
Oscar Reed (MIN)32 yards
Chuck Foreman (MIN)18 yards
Fran Tarkenton (MIN)17 yards
Stu Voigt (MIN)46 yards
John Gilliam (MIN)44 yards
Ed Marinaro (MIN)39 yards
Paul Warfield (MIA)33 yards
Chuck Foreman (MIN)27 yards

Minnesota Vikings (14-3-0) 0 0 0 7 7
Miami Dolphins (15-2-0) 14 3 7 0 24
Att: 68,142 at Astrodome Game Summary

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