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Friday January 18, 1974
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Prime-time network TV listings for Friday January 18, 1974:

8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS Dirty Sally: The Orphans Movie: The Undefeated (1969)
ABC The Brady Bunch: Out Of This World The Six Million Dollar Man: Population: Zero The Odd Couple: The Flying Felix Toma: 50 Percent Normal
NBC Sanford And Son: This Land Is Whose Land? Lotsa Luck: Stan And The Wealthy Widow The Girl With Something Extra: The Greening Of Aunt Fran The Brian Keith Show: Sean The Dad The Dean Martin Show: Roast Of Leo Durocher

Program details:

[CBS 8:00] Dirty Sally [Reg]: The Orphans
Season 1, episode 2

With Vincent Van Patten (George), Patti Cohoon (Millie).
Sally's trusty mule is stolen and she and Pike are at a loss as to what to do when they capture the thief, a six-year-old boy.

[ABC 8:00] The Brady Bunch [Reg]: Out Of This World
Season 5, episode 16
W: Al Schwartz, Larry Rhine   D: Peter Baldwin

With James McDivitt (Himself), Mario Machado (Himself), Frank Delfino (Herlo), Sadie Delfino (Shim), James Flavin (Captain McCartney).
Peter and Bobby's interest in UFO's grows after they meet astronaut James McDivitt.

[NBC 8:00] Sanford And Son [Reg]: This Land Is Whose Land?
Season 3, episode 16
W: Ilunga Adell   D: Peter Baldwin

With Gregory Sierra (Julio Fuentes), Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. (Surveyor).
Fred gets into a dispute with his neighbor Julio over the boundary dividing their properties. Lamont nags Fred to forget the whole matter but Fred hires a surveyor to settle the issue and determine the legal property line.

[CBS 8:30] Movie: The Undefeated (1969)
W: James Lee Barrett   D: Andrew McLaglen

With John Wayne, Rock Hudson, Antonio Aguilar, Roman Gabriel, Lee Meriwether, Merlin Olsen, Marian McCargo.
At the end of the Civil War, a Union colonel heads west to round up wild horses to sell to federal forces.

[ABC 8:30] The Six Million Dollar Man [Reg]: Population: Zero
Season 1, episode 1
W: Elroy Schwartz   D: Jeannot Szwarc

With Don Porter (Dr. Stanley Bacon), Paul Carr (Officer Cord), Michael Santiago (Gary), Penny Fuller (Dr. Chris Forbes), Paul Fix (Joe Taylor), Walter Brooke (General Tate), Virginia Gregg (Mrs. Nelson).
Lee Majors begins a weekly series as a test pilot who, nearly killed in a crash, is rebuilt by futuristic science into a superhuman being and is given special government assignments where only he could succeed. In the first episode, he investigates the cause of the annihilation of the town of Loomis, population 23, where all life suddenly stopped.

[NBC 8:30] Lotsa Luck [Reg]: Stan And The Wealthy Widow
Season 1, episode 15
W: Norman Barasch, Carroll Moore   D: Alan Rafkin

With Ruth Buzzi (Widow), Helen Page Camp.
A former schoolmate who has shed 65 pounds and gained a cat food company offers Stanley a high-salaried job.

[NBC 9:00] The Girl With Something Extra [Reg]: The Greening Of Aunt Fran
Season 1, episode 15
W: Stan Cutler   D: Richard Kinon

With Eve Arden (Aunt Fran), William Windom (Stuart Kline), Bobby Baum, Jerry Fujukawa, Lloyd Kino, Larry Watson, Ernest Harada.
Sally's aunt, world traveler and take-charge woman, comes to visit.

[ABC 9:30] The Odd Couple [Reg]: The Flying Felix
Season 4, episode 16
W: Mark Rothman, Lowell Ganz   D: Jack Donohue

With Grady Sutton (Pop), Teri Garr (Insurance Agent), Ed Peck (Bill), Caryn Matchinga (Myrna's Friend), George Furth (Belkin).
Oscar tries to cure Felix of his flying phobia.

[NBC 9:30] The Brian Keith Show [Reg]: Sean The Dad
Season 2, episode 14

With Sean Tyler Hall (Stewart), Alan Krassner (Chief Great Moose), Danny Kamekona (Crooked Elbow), Miiko Taka (Mrs. Browning), Kimo Kahoana (Long Quill).
Dr. Sean temporarily takes care of young Stewart and finds the chore includes "new math" homework, attending Indian Scouts and waking up to kiddie cartoons.

[ABC 10:00] Toma [Reg]: 50 Percent Normal
Season 1, episode 9
W: Zekial Marko, Tony Musante, Jane Sparkes   D: Jeannot Szwarc

With Steven Keats (Freddy Bardini), Louise Troy (Belle Albertson), Barbara Rhoades (Renee), Leigh Christian (Anne Larabee), Zekial Marko (Prevert), Richard Eastham (Dr. Herman), Laurie Ferrone (Lillian Jenner), William Bryant (Beteska).
Dave Toma poses as a priest in order to gain the cooperation of female victims of an attacker whose trademark is a ski mask.

[NBC 10:00] The Dean Martin Show [Reg]: Roast Of Leo Durocher
With Chuck Connors, Doug Dillard, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Andy Williams.

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