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Saturday January 19, 1974
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Prime-time network TV listings for Saturday January 19, 1974:

8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS All In The Family: Archie And The Editorial (R) M*A*S*H: Operation Noselift The Mary Tyler Moore Show: The Co-Producers The Bob Newhart Show: The Jobless Corps The Carol Burnett Show
ABC The Partridge Family: Two For The Show Movie: Skyway To Death (1974) Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law: House Of Friends
NBC Emergency!: Fools Movie: The Arrangement (1969)

Program details:

[CBS 8:00] All In The Family [Reg]: Archie And The Editorial
Season 3, episode 1
W: George Arthur Bloom, Don Nicholl   D: Norman Campbell

With Mike Evans (Lionel Jefferson), Sorrell Booke (Lyle Bennett), Val Bisoglio (Gangster), Diane Sommerfield (Judy).
The third season gets underway. Archie, after arguing about a TV editorial favoring gun control, is cornered by Mike and talked into going to the station and demanding equal time for his opposing views.

(Repeat program, originally aired 9/16/1972)

[ABC 8:00] The Partridge Family [Reg]: Two For The Show
Season 4, episode 14
W: William Bickley   D: Charles R. Rondeau

With Andrew Williams (Himself), David Williams (Himself), Henry Olek (Skip Radnitz), Michael Rupert (Waiter), Rick Gates (Mike Weedback).
A new singing act is discovered by Reuben Kincaid, but the partnership is threatened when the 12-year-old twins (played by the nephews of Andy Williams) develop a crush on Laurie.

[NBC 8:00] Emergency! [Reg]: Fools
Season 3, episode 17
W: Eric Kaldor   D: Joseph Pevney

With William Campbell (Ned Tanner), Bobby Sherman (Dr. Kent Donaldson Jr.), Carol Arthur (Eloise Tanner), Dennis Patrick (Dr. Kent Donaldson Sr.), Michele Nichols (Amy).
A doctor lacks faith in paramedics Gage and DeSoto until he assists them in rescuing an oil refinery worker trapped on a tower by a fire.

[CBS 8:30] M*A*S*H [Reg]: Operation Noselift
Season 2, episode 18
W: Erik Tarloff   D: Hy Averback

With Patricia Stevens (Nurse Mitchell), Bobbie Mitchell (Nurse Lyons), Todd Susman (Pvt. Danny Baker), Lou Elias (M.P.), Stuart Margolin (Maj. Stanley Robbins).
Hawkeye pulls strings to import a top plastic surgeon to fix Pvt. Baker's nose.

[ABC 8:30] Movie: Skyway To Death (1974)
W: David Spector   D: Gordon Hessler

With Bobby Sherman, Stefanie Powers, John Astin, Joseph Campanella, Tige Andrews, Nancy Malone, Ross Martin, Ruth McDevitt, Severn Darden.
An aerial tramway goes awry some hundreds of feet above jagged mountains, and a rescue party must fight the weather to save the passengers.

[CBS 9:00] The Mary Tyler Moore Show [Reg]: The Co-Producers
Season 4, episode 18
W: David Pollock, Elias Davis   D: Jay Sandrich

With Betty White (Sue Ann Nivens).
Mary and Rhoda's ecstacy at their chance to produce a TV show turns to horror when the bosses decree its stars must be Ted Baxter and Sue Ann Nivens.

[NBC 9:00] Movie: The Arrangement (1969)
W: Elia Kazan   D: Elia Kazan

With Faye Dunaway, Kirk Douglas, Deborah Kerr, Richard Boone, Hume Cronyn, Carol Rossen, Harold Gould.
Following an accident and after recovery, a businessman withdraws from society and leaves his wife to take up again with his former mistress.

[CBS 9:30] The Bob Newhart Show [Reg]: The Jobless Corps
Season 2, episode 18
W: Tom Patchett, Jay Tarses   D: Peter Baldwin

With Oliver Clark (Mr. Herd), Howard Hesseman (Mr. Plager), Lucien Scott (Mr. Vickers), Millie Slavin (Shirley Slavin).
Depressed, out-of-work Howard joins Bob's special therapy group for the unemployed.

[CBS 10:00] The Carol Burnett Show [Reg]
Season 7, episode 17

With Carl Reiner.
A musical version of "Little Red Riding Hood" performed in the manner of a Mexican folk story for children. In another skit, an accident-prone woman (Carol) and her husband (Carl) attempt to buy insurance before her next accident.

[ABC 10:00] Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law [Reg]: House Of Friends
Season 3, episode 14

With Joyce Van Patten (Ruth), David Hartman (Dr. Evans), Paul Shenar, Kathleen Quinlan (Jill), Barbara Baxley.
Owen defends a losing cause legally, but possibly a victory morally, when he defends a doctor friend in his stand against a private hospital for not admitting a dying boy.

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