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Thursday February 13, 1975
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Prime-time network TV listings for Thursday February 13, 1975:

8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS The Waltons: The Statue Queen Of The Stardust Ballroom
ABC Barney Miller: Graft Karen: The Visitors The Streets Of San Francisco: River Of Fear Harry O: Double Jeopardy
NBC The Mac Davis Show Archer: The Body Beautiful Movin' On: Tattoos

Program details:

[CBS 8:00] The Waltons [Reg]: The Statue
Season 3, episode 22
W: Earl Hamner Jr.   D: Ralph Waite

With Nora Marlowe (Mrs. Brimmer), Ronnie Claire Edwards (Corabeth Walton).
John-Boy writes a story based on Miss Emily Baldwin's fantasizing about her imaginary love, in the mistaken belief that no one on Walton's Mountain will see it.

[ABC 8:00] Barney Miller [Reg]: Graft
Season 1, episode 4
W: Danny Arnold, Chris Hayward   D: Noam Pitlik

With Derrel Maury (Newsboy), Dick O'Neill (Inspector Kelly), Buddy Lester (Harry the Bookie).
Barney's men are accused of being on the take when a former detective from his squad becomes a member of Internal Affairs.

[NBC 8:00] The Mac Davis Show [Reg]
Season 2, episode 8

With Aretha Franklin, Nancy Walker, James Coco.
Skits are on covered wagons, lovers and hard-hat workers.

[ABC 8:30] Karen [Reg]: The Visitors
Season 1, episode 3
W: Carl Kleinschmitt   D: Jerry Paris

With Carol Androsky (Mary Alice), Dwayne Hickman (Don).
A former high school chum and her husband come to visit Karen, who is in for quite a surprise.

[CBS 9:00] Queen Of The Stardust Ballroom [special]
W: Jerome Kass   D: Sam O'Steen

With Maureen Stapleton, Charles Durning, Michael Brandon, Charlotte Rae, Michael Strong, Beverly Sanders, Alan Fudge, Jacquelyn Hyde.
A widow finds that her enemies are loneliness, empty days and the attempts of well-meaning relatives to protect her from reality. The rebuilding of her life leads to her first encounter with the business world and to those of her contemporaries who find companionship at the Stardust Ballroom.

[ABC 9:00] The Streets Of San Francisco [Reg]: River Of Fear
Season 3, episode 20
W: Robert Malcolm Young   D: Michael Caffey

With Peter Haskell (Dr. William Fitzpatrick Dunson), Patricia Smith (Helen Baker), Paul Fix (Dr. White), Kim Richards (Julie Todd), Faith Quabius (Betty Todd Dunson), Irene Tedrow (Mrs. Rand), Stephen Manley (Bobby Todd), James Gammon (Sheriff), Norman Bartold (Dr. Eliofson), Reuben Collins (Inspector Tanner), Stephen Bradley (Bernie).
The lives of two children are in danger from their new stepfather when, having murdered their mother, he discovers they have access to thousands of dollars in illegal money.

[NBC 9:00] Archer [Reg]: The Body Beautiful
Season 1, episode 3
W: Leigh Brackett   D: Edward M. Abroms

With Kim Darby (Leslie Griffith), Archie Moore, Neva Patterson, John Calvin, Dean Harens, James Daris, Lee Paul, Danil Torppe, Lester Fletcher.
A wealthy divorcee wants Archer to obtain pornographic pictures of her ex-husband's fiancee.

[ABC 10:00] Harry O [Reg]: Double Jeopardy
Season 1, episode 19
W: M. Gluck   D: John Newland

With Linda Dano (Barbara Milland), Kurt Russell (Todd Conway), Will Kuluva (Carl Milland), Ben Piazza (Frank Cabot), Hal Williams (Clarence), Renata Vanni (Helen Milland), Robert Cleaves (Sam Boudreau), Audrey Totter (Mrs. Dante), Paul Brinegar (Old Man).
An aspiring actor persuades Harry to protect him from a former syndicate boss who is convinced the young man killed his daughter.

[NBC 10:00] Movin' On [Reg]: Tattoos
Season 1, episode 20
W: Ken Kolb   D: Michael O'Herlihy

With Ramon Bieri (Rip), James Callahan (Gabe), Lynette Mettey (Millie).
A elusive lady truck driver has stolen the heart of Sonny's AWOL Navy buddy, who enlists the aid of Sonny and Will in finding her.

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