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Thursday June 19, 1975
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Prime-time network TV listings for Thursday June 19, 1975:

8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS The Waltons: The Song (R) Movie: One Is A Lonely Number (1972)
ABC Barney Miller: Graft (R) Karen: Capitol Capers (R) The Streets Of San Francisco: River Of Fear (R) Harry O: Forty Reasons To Kill (1) (R)
NBC Sunshine: Intensive Care (R) The Bob Crane Show: One Summer Of Misery (R) Movie: Cotton Comes To Harlem (1970)

Program details:

[CBS 8:00] The Waltons [Reg]: The Song
Season 3, episode 23
W: Richard Carr, Armand Lanzano   D: Richard Thomas

With James Gammon (Zack Rosswell), Britt Leach (Easy Jackson), Wilford Brimley (Horace Brimley), Mayf Nutter (Bobby Bigelow), Erin Moran (Sally Ann Harper), Doney Oatman (Betsy), Mary Jo Catlett (Elvira Roswell).
Jason's pursuit of musical fame and Ben's pursuit of a young lady cause the two brothers to quarrel bitterly.

(Repeat program, originally aired 2/20/1975)

[ABC 8:00] Barney Miller [Reg]: Graft
Season 1, episode 4
W: Danny Arnold, Chris Hayward   D: Noam Pitlik

With Derrel Maury (Newsboy), Dick O'Neill (Inspector Kelly), Buddy Lester (Harry the Bookie).
Barney's men are accused of being on the take when a former detective from his squad becomes a member of Internal Affairs.

(Repeat program, originally aired 2/13/1975)

[NBC 8:00] Sunshine [Reg]: Intensive Care
Season 1, episode 3

With William Beckley (Doctor).
Sam gets pneumonia and a week in the hospital while his buddies take care of Jill.

(Repeat program, originally aired 3/20/1975)

[ABC 8:30] Karen [Reg]: Capitol Capers
Season 1, episode 10
W: John D. Hess   D: Gene Reynolds

With Allan Arbus (Keller), Dick Clair (Griffin), David Huddleston (Rudolph), Mary Gregory (Miss Rommel), Alix Elias (Cheryl Siegel).
While tracking down information on a government contract, Karen decides to go to the top -- the Pentagon.

(Repeat program, originally aired 4/10/1975)

[NBC 8:30] The Bob Crane Show [Reg]: One Summer Of Misery
Season 1, episode 5
D: Norman Powell

With Michelle Clair (Alfred), Jack De Mave (Mike).
A tight family budget results in Bob's having to take advantage of a university summer school scholarship without the presence of his wife.

(Repeat program, originally aired 4/3/1975)

[CBS 9:00] Movie: One Is A Lonely Number (1972)
W: David Seltzer   D: Mel Stuart

With Trish Van Devere, Monte Markham, Janet Leigh, Melvyn Douglas, Jonathan Lippe, Paul Jenkins, Jane Eliot.
A woman faces an unwanted divorce from the man she has always loved.

[ABC 9:00] The Streets Of San Francisco [Reg]: River Of Fear
Season 3, episode 20
W: Robert Malcolm Young   D: Michael Caffey

With Peter Haskell (Dr. William Fitzpatrick Dunson), Patricia Smith (Helen Baker), Paul Fix (Dr. White), Kim Richards (Julie Todd), Faith Quabius (Betty Todd Dunson), Irene Tedrow (Mrs. Rand), Stephen Manley (Bobby Todd), James Gammon (Sheriff), Norman Bartold (Dr. Eliofson), Reuben Collins (Inspector Tanner), Stephen Bradley (Bernie).
The lives of two children are in danger from their new stepfather when, having murdered their mother, he discovers they have access to thousands of dollars in illegal money.

(Repeat program, originally aired 2/13/1975)

[NBC 9:00] Movie: Cotton Comes To Harlem (1970)
W: Arnold Perl, Ossie Davis   D: Ossie Davis

With Godfrey Cambridge, Raymond St. Jacques, Calvin Lockhart, Redd Foxx, Judy Pace, John Anderson, Eugene Roche.
Two bumbling Harlem police detectives investigate a shady scheme to bilk money for a "Back to Africa Movement", one that sets them on a wild chase for the money and the thieves.

[ABC 10:00] Harry O [Reg]: Forty Reasons To Kill (1)
Season 1, episode 11
W: Stephen Kandel   D: Daryl Duke

With Joanna Pettet (Glenna Nielson), Broderick Crawford (John McKenzie), Craig Stevens (Ben Ryerson), Ned Romero (Deputy Gutierrez), Hilary Thompson (Laura Silver), Lou Frizzell (Sheriff Rankin), Eric Christmas (Congressman Galbraith), Craig Campfield (C.C. Jackman).
Harry investigates the murder of a free-spirited friend who was caught in a ruthless power scheme and framed for drug dealing after trying to buy 40 acres of ranch land.

(Repeat program, originally aired 12/5/1974)

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