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Sunday May 16, 1976
. . . where the 1970s live forever!

Prime-time network TV listings for Sunday May 16, 1976:

7:00 PM 7:30 PM 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS 60 Minutes The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour: Show 24 (R) Kojak: A Long Way From Times Square (R) Bronk: Next Of Kin (R)
ABC U.S. Olympic Trials The Six Million Dollar Man: Hocus-Pocus (R) Movie: F. Scott Fitzgerald In Hollywood (1975)
NBC Wonderful World Of Disney: The Parent Trap Columbo: A Case Of Immunity (R)

Program details:

[CBS 7:00] 60 Minutes

[ABC 7:00] U.S. Olympic Trials
Women's gymnastics.

[NBC 7:00] Wonderful World Of Disney: The Parent Trap
Season 22, episode 18
W: David Swift   D: David Swift

With Hayley Mills (Susan McKendrick/Sharon Evers), Maureen O'Hara, Brian Keith, Charles Ruggles.
Twin sisters meet at summer camp, become close friends, and decide to plan a reconciliation of their estranged parents.

[CBS 8:00] The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour [Reg]: Show 24
Season 3, episode 5

With Jimmy Durante, Gilbert O'Sullivan.
Cher plays pilgrim Priscilla Mullins and Martha Washington in skits. "Candy Man" is brought to life via an animated sequence by John Wilson.

(Repeat program, originally aired 10/13/1972)

[ABC 8:00] The Six Million Dollar Man [Reg]: Hocus-Pocus
Season 3, episode 16
W: Richard Carr   D: Barry Crane

With Pernell Roberts (Mark Wharton), Jack Colvin (Will Collins), Robbie Lee (Audrey Moss), Christopher S. Nelson (Jack), W.T. Zacha (George).
Steve Austin teams with a pretty ESP expert to gain access to a top secret code book.

(Repeat program, originally aired 1/18/1976)

[CBS 9:00] Kojak [Reg]: A Long Way From Times Square
Season 3, episode 11
W: Gene Kearney   D: Ernest Pintoff

With Judith Lowry (Lily Weed), Vincent Baggetta (Arnold Saxler), Judy Kaye (Penny Rozelle), George Wallace (Washburn), William Wintersole (Chief Peck), Richard Karron (Alley Oop), Mary Jo Catlett (Verna), Brett Hadley (Santa Flora), Max Showalter (Quinlan).
Trying to return an important witness back to New York for trial, Kojak and Crocker discover that their destination, a small Nevada town, isn't safe for New York detectives.

(Repeat program, originally aired 11/30/1975)

[ABC 9:00] Movie: F. Scott Fitzgerald In Hollywood (1975)
W: James Costigan   D: Anthony Page

With Jason Miller, Tuesday Weld, Julia Foster, Delores Sutton, Susanne Benton, Michael Lerner, John Randolph, Tom Rosqui, Tom Ligon.
Story of the brilliant, tragic life of the great Jazz Age novelist, focusing on his years in Hollywood as a screenwriter, his bouts with illness and alcoholism and his romance with columnist Sheila Graham.

[NBC 9:30] Columbo [Reg]: A Case Of Immunity
Season 5, episode 2
W: Lou Shaw   D: Ted Post

With Hector Elizondo (Hassan Salah), Sal Mineo (Rahmin Habib), Barry Robins (King), Kenneth Tobey (Police Commissioner), Andre Lawrence (Youseff Alafa), Xenia Gratsos (Zena), Dick Dinman (Kermit Morgan), George Skaff (Kura), Nate Esformes (Hakim), Bill Zuckert (Capt. August), Harvey Gold (Coroner), Jay Varela (Capt. Ortega).
A crime that appears to be politically motivated puts Columbo on the trail of a foreign dignitary.

(Repeat program, originally aired 10/12/1975)

[CBS 10:00] Bronk [Reg]: Next Of Kin
Season 1, episode 15
W: Earl W. Wallace, Bruce Geller   D: Sutton Roley

With Brenda Scott (Eva), Denny Miller (Mark Lynn), Steve Mitchell (Lieutenant), Nancy Burnett (Policewoman).
The son of a man Bronk killed in self-defense confesses to a series of murders, but Bronk can't prove his connection with any of them.

(Repeat program, originally aired 1/4/1976)

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