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Monday November 15, 1976
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Prime-time network TV listings for Monday November 15, 1976:

8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS Rhoda: Meet The Levys Phyllis: Phyllis And The Jumper Maude: Arthur's Worry All's Fair: Happy Anniversary (1) Executive Suite: Re: Power Play
ABC The Captain & Tennille ABC Monday Night Football
NBC Little House On The Prairie: Journey In The Spring (1) Sybil, part two

Program details:

[CBS 8:00] Rhoda [Reg]: Meet The Levys
Season 3, episode 9
W: Charlotte Brown   D: Doug Rogers

With Nedra Volz (Elderly Woman), Norman Burton (Ben Levy), Doris Roberts (Sylvia Levy), Lee Vines (George).
Gary Levy's parents give Rhoda the once-over as a prospective daughter-in-law.

[ABC 8:00] The Captain & Tennille
Season 1, episode 8

With Gladys Knight & The Pips, Redd Foxx, Donny Most.

[NBC 8:00] Little House On The Prairie [Reg]: Journey In The Spring (1)
Season 3, episode 6
W: Michael Landon   D: Michael Landon

With Brian Part (Carl Edwards), Kyle Richards (Alicia), Matthew Labyorteaux (Young Charles Ingalls), Arthur Hill (Lansford Ingalls), Jan Sterling (Laura Colby Ingalls), Hersha Parady (Eliza Ann Ingalls), Mark Lenard (Peter Ingalls), Jim Boles (Brewster).
Charles Ingalls rushes to Wisconsin when he learns that hs mother has died and his father is suicidal with grief.

[CBS 8:30] Phyllis [Reg]: Phyllis And The Jumper
Season 2, episode 9
W: Bob Ellison   D: Richard Schaal

With Jerry Stiller (Burt Hillman), Jon Lormer (Rumsey), Aesop Aquarian (Bass), Gilbert De la Pena (Sam).
Phyllis frantically fights off an amorous, hot-headed suitor.

[CBS 9:00] Maude [Reg]: Arthur's Worry
Season 5, episode 9
W: Arthur Julian   D: Hal Cooper

With Queenie Smith (Mrs. Shubeck).
Walter has a weird dream, and when Arthur finds out he panics at the thought of their annual weekend together.

[ABC 9:00] ABC Monday Night Football
Buffalo Bills vs. Dallas Cowboys.

[NBC 9:00] Sybil, part two [special]
W: Flora Rheta Schreiber, Stewart Stern   D: Daniel Petrie

With Joanne Woodward, Sally Field, William Prince, Brad Davis, Martine Bartlett, Charles Lane.
Dr. Wilbur forces Sybil to unmask 16 "persons" within herself.

[CBS 9:30] All's Fair [Reg]: Happy Anniversary (1)
Season 1, episode 8
W: Bob Schiller, Bob Weiskopf, Michael Loman

With Sandy Sprung (Nurse), Michael Durrell (Husband), Pat Stevens (Wife), Helen Page Camp (Nurse Adams), Jane Connell (Mother).
Charley is less bothered by her possible pregnancy than Richard's insistence that they get married right away.

[CBS 10:00] Executive Suite [Reg]: Re: Power Play
Season 1, episode 7
W: Peter Allan Fields   D: Joseph Pevney

With Moosie Drier (B.J. Koslo), James Luisi (Paul Duquesne), Joanna Barnes (Sharon Cody), David Opatoshu (Dr. Gould), John Randolph (Sy Bookerman), Edward Bell (Rudy Schoenfeld), Carmen Zapata (Josepha).
A serious heart attack puts Howell Rutledge out of action, and the other directors begin a struggle for power that puts heavy pressure on hard-drinking Pearce Newberry.

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