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Tuesday February 15, 1977
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Prime-time network TV listings for Tuesday February 15, 1977:

8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS Who's Who M*A*S*H: The General's Practitioner One Day At A Time: The Traveling Salesperson Kojak: Monkey On A String
ABC Happy Days: Graduation (2) Laverne & Shirley: Buddy, Can You Spare A Father? Rich Man, Poor Man (Book II): Chapter 18 Family: A Safe House
NBC Black Sheep Squadron: Trouble At Fort Apache Police Woman: Shark Police Story: Hard Rock Brown

Program details:

[CBS 8:00] Who's Who
Profiles of Hamilton Jordan; Tom Gilmore, black sheriff in Alabama; and a 15-year-old deaf dancer.

[ABC 8:00] Happy Days [Reg]: Graduation (2)
Season 4, episode 18
W: William Bickley, Michael Warren   D: Jerry Paris

With Pat Morita (Arnold), Jason Wingreen (Mr. Haley), Paul Linke (Bruiser), Danny Butch (Spike), Dick Van Patten (Mr. Conners).
After passing make-up health exams and getting permission for Fonzie to participate, the guys arrange for aspects of the graduation ceremony to be sped up in order to accomodate the inclusion of Fonzie's speech.

[NBC 8:00] Black Sheep Squadron [Reg]: Trouble At Fort Apache
Season 1, episode 20
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Edward Dein

With Joel Fabiani (Gen. Wright), James Keach, Les Lannom, Brianne Leary (Alma Peterson), Ron Kuhlman (Capt. Hersey), Tim Haldeman (Lt. Davis).
Pappy figures that there is no way he can win when two generals give him exactly contradictory flight orders.

[ABC 8:30] Laverne & Shirley [Reg]: Buddy, Can You Spare A Father?
Season 2, episode 17
W: Eric Cohen, Monica Johnson   D: Ray DeVally Jr.

With Jack Perkins (Bartender), Bill Fiore (Phil Franklin), Scott Brady (Jack Feeney).
Shirley is excited because her father Jack is coming to visit, but she gets more than she bargained for when he shows up.

[CBS 9:00] M*A*S*H [Reg]: The General's Practitioner
Season 5, episode 20
W: Burt Prelutsky   D: Alan Rafkin

With Larry Wilcox (Cpl. Mulligan), Edward Binns (Gen. Korshack), Leonard Stone (Col. Bidwell), Susie Elene (Mae Ping).
In the midst of Hawkeye being considered, much to his distaste, for the position of a general's personal physician, Radar becomes a surrogate father to a Korean woman and her baby, until the baby's GI father returns.

[ABC 9:00] Rich Man, Poor Man (Book II): Chapter 18 [special]
W: Michael Gleason   D: Bill Bixby

With Peter Strauss, Gregg Henry, James Carroll Jordan, Susan Sullivan, William Smith, Kay Lenz, Peter Haskell, Kimberly Beck.
With censure hearings coming up, Rudy finds he is an outcast.

[NBC 9:00] Police Woman [Reg]: Shark
Season 3, episode 19
W: Rudolph Borchert   D: John Newland

With Pepper Martin (Joey Perry), Cliff Emmich (Spiro), Lee Paul (Leo Stoller), Jack Jones (Lewin), Pervis Atkins (Mike), Deirdre Lenihan (Alessandra), Charles Siebert (Vince).
Singer Jack Jones appears as a questionable businessman when Pepper and Crowley investigate a gang of loan sharks who slay their debtors.

[CBS 9:30] One Day At A Time [Reg]: The Traveling Salesperson
Season 2, episode 19
W: Joseph Bonaduce, Carol Gary   D: Herbert Kenwith

With John Hillerman (Mr. Connors), Tom Tarpey (Mr. Harkins).
Ann's ecstasy over a big promotion is transformed into an agonizing decision when the job is stripped away and given to a less-qualified person.

[CBS 10:00] Kojak [Reg]: Monkey On A String
Season 4, episode 20
W: Jack Laird   D: Ernest Pintoff

With Judith Light (Tish Pomerantz), David Margulies (Midge Piper), Albert Paulsen (Shelley Briscoe), Joseph Hindy (Vinnie Pomerantz).
A young policeman, addicted to gambling, falls prey to a crime figure.

[ABC 10:00] Family [Reg]: A Safe House
Season 2, episode 16
W: Vicki Zlotnick, Marshall Herskovitz   D: Richard Kinon

With Ted Wass (Sam Trask), Don Keefer (Al Trask), Michael LeClair (Charlie Roberts), Tracie Savage (Wendy Spears), Alan McRae (Doctor), Louise Foley (Audrey Pfeiffer), Grace Albertson (Nurse).
Radical Sam Trask, on the run for a kidnapping rap three years old, returns to town and asks Willie for help in seeing his dying father.

[NBC 10:00] Police Story [Reg]: Hard Rock Brown
Season 4, episode 17
W: Michael Donovan   D: Alf Kjellin

With David Groh (Dan Gentry), Ricardo Montalban (Sergio Flores), Art Metrano (Joe Lazzari), Robert Mandan (Capt. Saunders), Rene Enriquez (Henry Alvarez), Taylor Lacher (McCann), Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. (Emilio Alvarez), Peter MacLean (Perry Willis).
A Mexican narcotics agent and his American counterpart cooperate to snare the American buyer and the Mexican seller of 30 pounds of heroin.

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