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Tuesday April 26, 1977
. . . where the 1970s live forever!

Prime-time network TV listings for Tuesday April 26, 1977:

8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS Who's Who M*A*S*H: Hawkeye Get Your Gun (R) One Day At A Time: The Runaways (4) (R) The Baseball Business
ABC Happy Days: Fonzie's Hero (R) Laverne & Shirley: Good Time Girls (R) Eight Is Enough: V Is For Vivian Family: Coming Of Age (R)
NBC All-Star Gong Show Special Ann-Margret - Rhinstone Cowgirl Mac Davis - Sounds Like Home

Program details:

[CBS 8:00] Who's Who
Profiles of Rosalyn Carter and Lily Tomlin.

[ABC 8:00] Happy Days [Reg]: Fonzie's Hero
Season 4, episode 5
W: Barry Rubinowitz   D: Jerry Paris

With Scott Marshall (Scotti), Kathleen Marshall (Kathi), Amy Bosley (Amy).
Potsie saves Fonzie from a fire at the garage. Out of gratitude, Fonzie grants Potsie one favor, and Potsie wants to pal around with the Fonz.

(Repeat program, originally aired 10/26/1976)

[NBC 8:00] All-Star Gong Show Special [special]
With Redd Foxx, Tony Randall, Jaye P. Morgan, Jamie Farr, George Burns, Ray Charles, Ben Vereen, Aretha Franklin.
Chuk Barris hosts.

[ABC 8:30] Laverne & Shirley [Reg]: Good Time Girls
Season 2, episode 8
W: Laura Levine   D: James Burrows

With Greg Antonacci (Hector), Stephen Nathan (Kevin), Bruce Kimmel (Scott), Fred Willard (Man in Bathroom).
Laverne and Shirley think they are the most sought-after girls in town when their phone suddenly starts to ring off the hook, but they soon find out they are the victims of a prank.

(Repeat program, originally aired 11/30/1976)

[CBS 9:00] M*A*S*H [Reg]: Hawkeye Get Your Gun
Season 5, episode 10
W: Jay Folb   D: William Jurgensen

With Mako (Maj. Choi), Richard Doyle (M.P.), Jae Woo Lee (Korean Guard), Thomas Botosan (Sergeant), Phyllis Katz (Nurse Able), Carmine Scelza (Corpsman).
Col. Potter and Hawkeye respond to a desperate call from an undermanned Korean Army hospital for surgeons and supplies, which means the unmilitary Hawkeye must carry his sidearm into the battle area.

(Repeat program, originally aired 11/30/1976)

[ABC 9:00] Eight Is Enough [Reg]: V Is For Vivian
Season 1, episode 7
W: Rod Peterson, Claire Whitaker   D: Harry Harris

With Janis Paige (Auntie V), Michael Thoma (Dr. Maxwell), Stephen Johnson (Leonard), Virginia Vincent (Daisy Maxwell).
Tom's flamboyant sister Vivian shows up for a visit and turns the Bradford home upside down by encouraging the kids to follow their dreams.

[NBC 9:00] Ann-Margret - Rhinstone Cowgirl [special]
With Bob Hope, Perry Como, Minnie Pearl.
Opryland's Grand Ole Opry is the setting for a musical-variety salute to country music.

[CBS 9:30] One Day At A Time [Reg]: The Runaways (4)
Season 2, episode 4
W: Dick Bensfield, Perry Grant   D: Herbert Kenwith

With William Kirby Cullen (Chuck Butterfield), K Callan (Alice Butterfield), Howard Morton (Hal Butterfield), Henry Proach (Derelict).
Ann makes the toughest decision of her life when she finally comes face-to-face with her runaway daughter.

(Repeat program, originally aired 10/19/1976)

[CBS 10:00] The Baseball Business
The effects on both owners & players of the trend toward high salaries, focusing on the New York Yankees. Bill Moyers reports.

[ABC 10:00] Family [Reg]: Coming Of Age
Season 2, episode 4
W: Elizabeth Clark   D: John Erman

With Tommy Lee Jones (David Needham), David Hedison (Peter Towne).
Kate and Doug are disappointed in Nancy's behavior, and particularly unhappy when she decides to marry again.

(Repeat program, originally aired 11/9/1976)

[NBC 10:00] Mac Davis - Sounds Like Home [special]
With George Carlin, Dolly Parton, Donna Summer, Tom Jones.
Musical-variety special.

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