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Sunday February 12, 1978
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Prime-time network TV listings for Sunday February 12, 1978:

7:00 PM 7:30 PM 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS 60 Minutes All In The Family: Two's A Crowd Rhoda: Rhoda Cheats Movie: Gator (1976)
ABC Hardy Boys-Nancy Drew Mysteries: Voodoo Doll (1) How The West Was Won: Buffalo Story
NBC Movie: The Great Wallendas (1978) King: Part 1

Program details:

[CBS 7:00] 60 Minutes

[ABC 7:00] Hardy Boys-Nancy Drew Mysteries [Reg]: Voodoo Doll (1)
Season 2, episode 17
W: Christopher Crowe, Michael Sloan   D: Joseph Pevney

With Ray Milland (Dr. Thatcher), Howard Duff (Lt. Martinelle), Julius Harris (Mr. Dove), Kim Cattrall (Marie Claire), Linda Dano (Josette), James Callahan (Haggerty), Bobby Troup (Piano Player), Angelo Rossitto (Hawker), Hal Frederick (Mabotu).
In New Orleans for Mardi Gras, Frank and Joe meet Nancy working undercover and are caught in a smokescreen of voodoo and black magic, staged to obscure a sinister plot.

[NBC 7:00] Movie: The Great Wallendas (1978)
W: Jan Hartman   D: Larry Elikann

With Lloyd Bridges, Britt Ekland, John Van Dreelen, Cathy Rigby, Michael McGuire.
The true story of the Great Wallendas, a family of circus acrobats famous for their seven-person high wire pyramid act, that one night ended in tragedy.

[CBS 8:00] All In The Family [Reg]: Two's A Crowd
Season 8, episode 17
W: Phil Sharp   D: Paul Bogart

When Archie and Mike are accidentally locked in the storeroom at Archie's Place, they share a bottle of brandy and their deepest secrets.

[ABC 8:00] How The West Was Won [Reg]: Buffalo Story
Season 2, episode 1
W: Katharyn Powers, Calvin Clements Jr., Earl Wallace, John Mantley   D: Bernard McEveety, Vincent McEveety

With Ricardo Montalban (Satangkai), Lloyd Bridges (Orville Gant), Cameron Mitchell (Coulee John Brinkerhoff), Horst Buchholz (Sergei), Elyssa Davalos (Hillary Gant), Mel Ferrer (Hale Burton), Brian Keith (Gen. Stonecipher), Christopher Lee (Grand Duke).
Season debut of the series about an American family in the Old West following the Civil War. Shot and left for dead by his own troops when he tries to stop his Indian-hating Colonel from slaughtering a defenseless Arapaho village, calvalry scout Zeb Macahan returns to his prairie farm to take his family, his dead brother's wife and children west to Oregon.

[CBS 8:30] Rhoda [Reg]: Rhoda Cheats
Season 4, episode 16
W: Charlotte Brown   D: Tony Mordente

With Michael DeLano (Johnny Venture), Elizabeth Kerr (Female Student), Peter Hobbs (Mr. Parsons), Robert Costanzo (Male Student).
In an effort to increase their earning capacity, Rhoda and Brenda take a bookkeeping class in night school, and Rhoda is accused of cheating.

[CBS 9:00] Movie: Gator (1976)
W: William W. Norton   D: Burt Reynolds

With Burt Reynolds, Jack Weston, Lauren Hutton, Jerry Reed, Alice Ghostley, Dub Taylor, Mike Douglas, Burton Gilliam.
An ex-con works with federal agents in cleaning up a corrupt county in the South.

[NBC 9:00] King: Part 1 [special]
With Paul Winfield, Cicely Tyson, Roscoe Lee Browne, Lonny Chapman, Ossie Davis, Cliff DeYoung, Clu Gulager, Warren Kemmerling, William Jordan, Kenneth McMillan.
The story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., stretching from his days as a Southern Baptist minister up to his assassination in Memphis in 1968.

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