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Thursday November 1, 1979
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Prime-time network TV listings for Thursday November 1, 1979:

8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS The Waltons: The Lost Sheep Hawaii Five-O: Good Help Is Hard To Find Barnaby Jones: Indoctrination In Evil
ABC Laverne & Shirley: The Wedding Benson: Snowbound Barney Miller: Strip Joint Soap: Episode 54 20/20
NBC Buck Rogers In The 25th Century: Unchained Woman Quincy, M.E.: Mode Of Death Kate Loves A Mystery: Off The Record

Program details:

[CBS 8:00] The Waltons [Reg]: The Lost Sheep
Season 8, episode 6
W: E.F. Wallengren   D: Walter Alzmann

With Elise Caitlin (Erma Jean Small), Jonathan Frakes (Ashley Longworth Jr.).
Olivia's disapproval of anyone without a religion becomes an unrelenting obstacle to Erin's engagement plans, when the man she loves claims to be an athiest.

[ABC 8:00] Laverne & Shirley [Reg]: The Wedding
Season 5, episode 7
W: Paula A. Roth   D: Joel Zwick

With Don Bexley (Man).
Chaos erupts when Laverne and Shirley are asked to arrange the wedding of Laverne's father and her landlady, Mrs. Babish.

[NBC 8:00] Buck Rogers In The 25th Century [Reg]: Unchained Woman
Season 1, episode 8
W: Bill Taylor   D: Dick Lowry

With Jamie Lee Curtis (Jen Burton), Michael DeLano (Malory Pantera), Bert Rosario (Serio Sanwiler), Tara Buckman (Majel), Walter Hunter (Hugo), Robert Cornthwaite (Ted Warwick), Danny Ades (Gymon), Jim B. Smith (Shuttle Captain), Charles Walker (Lt. Zimmerman).
Buck and a beautiful woman match wits with an inhuman android attempting to prevent them from returning to Earth.

[ABC 8:30] Benson [Reg]: Snowbound
Season 1, episode 7
W: Susan Harris, Stu Silver   D: Jay Sandrich

With Jerry Houser (Marvin), Barbara Sammeth (Harriet), Edward Willkie (Ranger).
Benson, the governor, his daughter and a very pregnant woman are stranded in a mountain lodge with no heat or food.

[CBS 9:00] Hawaii Five-O [Reg]: Good Help Is Hard To Find
Season 12, episode 6
W: Frank Telford

With Ross Martin (Tony Alika), Jerry Boyd (Billy Swan), Les Keiter (Mark Maynard), Josie Over (Liani), John P. Ryan (Guido Marioni), Jason Evers (Lieutenant Dexter), Dave Lancaster (Joey).
McGarrett is frustrated by an information leak in his headquarters, which is being used by the underworld to destroy the Five-O unit.

[ABC 9:00] Barney Miller [Reg]: Strip Joint
Season 6, episode 6
W: Jaie Brashar, Frank Dungan, Jeff Stein   D: Noam Pitlik

With Walter Janovitz (Ivan Kessler), Todd Susman (Edward Yaekel), Diana Canova (Stephanie Wolf), James Cromwell (Neil Spencer), Rosanna DeSoto (Theresa Tasco).
Two topless dancers from a government-owned strip joint and a man who claims he will burst into flames warm up the 12th Precinct.

[NBC 9:00] Quincy, M.E. [Reg]: Mode Of Death
Season 5, episode 7
W: Aubrey Solomon, Deborah Klugman, Steve Greenberg   D: Rod Holcomb

With Granville Van Dusen (Moyer), Marshall Thompson (Henry), Irene Tedrow (Mrs. Osborne), William Bogert (Kenneth Ross), Byron Morrow (Franklin Osborne), Sarah Rush (Lauren), Stephen Elliott (Dr. Chase), Fritzi Burr (Dr. Finkel), Regis Cordic (Dr. Condon).
Quincy refuses to believe a police report confirming a religious leader's death as suicide and sets up his own autopsy.

[ABC 9:30] Soap [Reg]: Episode 54
Season 3, episode 7
W: Susan Harris, Stu Silver   D: J.D. Lobue

With Marla Pennington (Leslie Walker), Jack Gilford (Saul), Candy Azzara (Millie), Kip Gilman (Charlie Walker).
Burt, released from the spaceship, bounces between there and Earth when the ailen Burt refuses to leave Mary; Billy's date with his teacher is interrupted by her husband.

[CBS 10:00] Barnaby Jones [Reg]: Indoctrination In Evil
Season 8, episode 7
W: Gerald Sanford   D: Leo Penn

With Dabney Coleman (Brad Adamson), Marshall Colt (Les Harmon), Debi Richter (Sally Marshall), David Darlow (Al DeParis), Roberta Leighton (Jeanny Larkin), Doris Dowling (Miss Kelly), Wayne Heffley (Carl Larkin), Danny Dayton (Freddy), Lisa Loring (Amanda Adamson).
A man hires Barnaby to locate his missing daughter, who has become the victim of an international white slavery ring.

[ABC 10:00] 20/20
An interview with Paul McCartney; a report on a dangerous seat design in new diesel autos; an interview with Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

[NBC 10:00] Kate Loves A Mystery [Reg]: Off The Record
Season 2, episode 3
W: Simon Muntner   D: Reza Badiyi

With Allan Miller (Cooley), John Petlock (Edward Franklin), Michael Stipanich (Benson), Archie Lang (Jim Foster), Lev Mailer (Stan Hirsh), Frederic Franklyn (Harold Orr), Fred J. Gordon (Farrell), John Zenda (Carl), Edward Grover (Liggett), Carol Carrington McGrath (Marshall), Michael Durrell (Fisher), Lynn Carlin (Sheree), Paul Jenkins (Boyle), Len Lawson (Mr. Bishop).
Kate is jailed when she refuses to name her source for a story about the murder of two people involved in a gambling operation.

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