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Friday March 14, 1980
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Prime-time network TV listings for Friday March 14, 1980:

8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS The Incredible Hulk: Deathmask The Dukes Of Hazzard: R.I.P. Henry Flatt Dallas: The Wheeler Dealer
ABC When The Whistle Blows: The House That Roared Movie: Where The Ladies Go (1980)
NBC Here's Boomer: Molly The Facts Of Life: Emily Dickinson Pink Lady And Jeff Best Of Saturday Night Live

Program details:

[CBS 8:00] The Incredible Hulk [Reg]: Deathmask
Season 3, episode 20
W: Nicholas Corea   D: John McPherson

With Melendy Britt (Joan), Marla Pennington (Melanie Clark), Lonny Chapman (J.J. Hendren), Michael Bond (Sid Fox), Don Marshall (Man), Dennis Bowen (Dale Jenks), Robert Lunny (Newsman), Frank Marth (Mayor Tom Fowler), Gerald McRaney (Police Chief Rhodes).
A masked man is killing young women at a Prestonville college. David, the college librarian, becomes a suspect and is interrogated while an angry mob gathers outside.

[ABC 8:00] When The Whistle Blows [Reg]: The House That Roared
Season 1, episode 1

With Mary Jackson (Mrs. Twining), Denny Miller (Langhorn), Scott Hylands (Sutter), Red West (Milt Dolan), Raymond Serra (Markowitz).
Debut of a series geared to the adventures and escapades of construction workers. Tonight, the gang aids an elderly woman who is being victimized by greedy developers trying to level her house.

[NBC 8:00] Here's Boomer [Reg]: Molly
Season 1, episode 1
W: Carolyn Handler Miller, Daryl Warner   D: Larry Eikann

With Dee Wallace (Alice), Natasha Ryan (Molly), Fran Bennett (Dr. Joyce Clarke), Guy Boyd (Ken), Betty Baird (Mrs. Harker).
A new comedy and adventure series tracing the heroics and antics of a remarkable dog. Tonight, Boomer helps a girl presumed to be mentally disabled, and enables her parents to discover her true condition.

[NBC 8:30] The Facts Of Life [Reg]: Emily Dickinson
Season 1, episode 5
W: Stan Dreben   D: John Bowab

With Duane LaDage (Jason Hoss).
Blair plagiarizes an Emily Dickinson poem, but gets caught when the headmaster submits it to a competition and it wins.

[CBS 9:00] The Dukes Of Hazzard [Reg]: R.I.P. Henry Flatt
Season 2, episode 22
W: William Raynor, Myles Wilder   D: Denver Pyle

With Hal Smith (Henry Flatt), Audrey Landers (Gail Flatt), Jim English (Morgue Attendant), Mallie Jackson (Peggy).
Hogg's plan to plow up a cemetery rattles a con man who's supposedly dead and buried there.

[ABC 9:00] Movie: Where The Ladies Go (1980)
W: Carol Sobieski   D: Theodore J. Flicker

With Earl Holliman, Karen Black, Lisa Hartman, Lane Bradbury, Candy Clark, Gerald McRaney, Burton Gilliam, Lou Antonio, Lee de Broux, Mary Jo Catlett.
A bar open only during school hours is the scene for women to go and meet men, dance, dream and live out their fantasies.

[NBC 9:00] Pink Lady And Jeff [Reg]
Season 1, episode 2
W: Mark Evanier   D: Art Fisher

With Sid Caesar, Donny Osmond, Larry Hagman, Teddy Pendergrass.

[CBS 10:00] Dallas [Reg]: The Wheeler Dealer
Season 3, episode 24
W: Barbara Searles   D: Alexander Singer

With Dennis Patrick (Vaughn Leland), Ron Hayes (Hank Johnson), Jeff Cooper (Dr. Simon Elby), Stephanie Blackmore (Serena Wald), Sarah Cunningham (Aunt Maggie Monahan), Robert Ackerman (Wade Luce), Jeanna Michaels (Connie), Paul Sorenson (Andy Bradley), Lesley Woods (Amanda Lewis Ewing).
Most of the family goes to Colorado to visit Jock's first wife. J.R. stays behind to rig a deal on the Asian oil wells. Pam hires a detective to look into what became of her mother. Sue Ellen has trouble with the bottle again.

[NBC 10:00] Best Of Saturday Night Live [special]
Garrett Morris renders "Danny Boy" as the gang celebrates St. Patrick's Day.

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