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Sunday December 7, 1980
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Prime-time network TV listings for Sunday December 7, 1980:

7:00 PM 7:30 PM 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS 60 Minutes Archie Bunker's Place: Murray's Wife One Day At A Time: Farewell, My Suite Alice: The New Improved Mel The Jeffersons: Florence's Cousin Trapper John, M.D.: Slim Chance
ABC Those Amazing Animals Charlie's Angels: Angels Of The Deep Movie: Fighting Back: The Story Of Rocky Bleier (1980)
NBC Here's Boomer: Boomer And Miss 21st Century CHiPs: The Great 5K Star Race And Boulder Wrap Party The Asphalt Cowboy

Program details:

[CBS 7:00] 60 Minutes

[ABC 7:00] Those Amazing Animals
A drug-detecting dog; a skin diver who hugs moray eels; a camel that answers the telephone.

[NBC 7:00] Here's Boomer [Reg]: Boomer And Miss 21st Century
Season 1, episode 10
W: Terry Hart   D: Sigmund Neufeld Jr.

With Whitney Blake (Dorothy), Gene Rayburn (Emcee), Roddy McDowall (Milo), Tammy Lauren (Jenny), Raymond Singer (Lester), Katherine Moffat (Pam).
Boomer begins the new season as a pup that lets us know what's on his mind. In a special one-hour episode, the usually silent star not only foils a scheme to fix a beauty pageant but also begins to "think out loud".

[CBS 8:00] Archie Bunker's Place [Reg]: Murray's Wife
Season 2, episode 7
W: Patt Shea, Harriett Weiss   D: Joe Gannon

With Carol Rossen (Shelley).
As Murray and his ex-wife rekindle their relationship, she plans to turn the restaurant into an English pub, but Murray soon recalls why they split up.

[ABC 8:00] Charlie's Angels [Reg]: Angels Of The Deep
Season 5, episode 4
W: Robert George   D: Kim Manners

With Patti D'Arbanville (Bianca Blake), Antonio Fargas (Blackie), Gary Lockwood (Claude), Sonny Bono (Walrus), Moe Keale (Chin), Bradford Dillman (Tony Kramer), Anne Francis (Cindy Lee), Soon-Teck Oh (Lt. Torres).
Kris and companion Bianca Blake find a sunken ship with a load of marijuana on board. The Angels get caught in a dispute between the ship's owners and thieves who want to steal the cargo.

[NBC 8:00] CHiPs [Reg]: The Great 5K Star Race And Boulder Wrap Party
Season 4, episode 5
W: Rudolph Borchert   D: Gordon Hessler

With Cindy Harrell (Chris), Dana Halsted (Carole), Bob Hackman (Furrier), Jerome Guardino (Vendor), Ellen Geer (Julie Borris), William Boyett (Rhodes), Heidi Bohay (Corky), Sandy Lipton (Mrs. Bosco), Kimberly Alexander (Wendy), Tina Louise (Edie Marshall), Ken Berry (Kelly), Don Galloway (Steve Marshall), Tammy Lauren (Cheryl Marshall), Alex Rocco (Ansgar), Ronnie Scribner (Dane), Milton Berle (Himself), Donna Mills (Herself), Cindy Williams (Herself), Todd Bridges (Himself), Nancy Kulp (Herself), Peter Marshall (Himself).
Ponch organizes a celebrity bicycle relay race as a fundraiser, while he and Jon try to track down a criminal duo that is using a motorbike and sidecar to commit robberies; attempts are made to remove a large boulder which is putting Milton Berle's home in danger.

[CBS 8:30] One Day At A Time [Reg]: Farewell, My Suite
Season 6, episode 5
W: Joseph Bonaduce   D: Alan Rafkin

With Darrell Fetty (Officer Preston), Brian Patrick Clarke (Dewey Laughton).
Ann and Barbara return from a weekend trip to find they've been robbed -- with Schneider's assistance.

[CBS 9:00] Alice [Reg]: The New Improved Mel
Season 5, episode 7
W: Mark Egan, Mark Solomon   D: Marc Daniels

With Ted Gehring (Charlie), Shavar Ross (Danny), Maurice Hill (Doctor), Mickey Morton (Trucker).
The sparsely attended funeral of a buddy persuades Mel to become Mr. Nice Guy so as to ensure a decent turnout at his own burial.

[ABC 9:00] Movie: Fighting Back: The Story Of Rocky Bleier (1980)
W: Jerry McNeely   D: Robert Lieberman

With Robert Urich, Art Carney, Sandy McPeak, Peggy McCay, Steve Tannen, Richard Herd, Bonnie Bedelia, Bubba Smith, Simone Griffeth, Joe Spano.
Dramatization of the true story of Rocky Bleier, a war hero, who despite severe injuries inflicted during battle went on to star with the Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers.

[CBS 9:30] The Jeffersons [Reg]: Florence's Cousin
Season 7, episode 6
W: Marshall Goldberg   D: Bob Lally

With William Allen Young (Ernie), Sam Shamshak (Lou).
Florence's shady cousin Ernie asks her for $1000 and Florence passes the request on to George. George is convinced that Ernie's a crook, and Florence will do anything to prove him wrong.

[CBS 10:00] Trapper John, M.D. [Reg]: Slim Chance
Season 2, episode 3
W: Judy Merl, Paul Eric Myers   D: Seymour Robbie

With Anne Francis (Gail Edson), Pamela Franklin (Ellen), John McCook (Scott Nelson), Tim O'Connor (Dr. Edain), Steve Franken (Bernie Chalmers), Jacque Lynn Colton (Mary).
When Gonzo learns that an old classmate has put her health and sanity at risk by following a strict diet which encourages the use of diuretics, he goes after the well-respected doctor who founded the diet.

[NBC 10:00] The Asphalt Cowboy [special]
W: Michael Fisher   D: Cliff Bole

With Max Baer Jr., Richard Denning, Noah Beery Jr., Robin Dearden, James Luisi, Cal Bellini.
A former policeman who runs a security guard business attempts to solve the murder of a friend and becomes involved in an extortion plot. Pilot for a series originally titled "Culpepper".

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