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Tuesday March 3, 1981
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Prime-time network TV listings for Tuesday March 3, 1981:

8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS CBS News Special Report Movie: The Pride Of Jesse Hallum (1981)
ABC Happy Days: Fonzie Gets Shot Laverne & Shirley: But Seriously, Folks Three's Company: Teacher's Pet Too Close For Comfort: Centerfold Hart To Hart: Homemade Murder
NBC The Misadventures Of Sheriff Lobo: The French Follies Caper B.J. And The Bear: Blonde In A Gilded Cage Flamingo Road: Trapped

Program details:

[CBS 8:00] CBS News Special Report
Walter Cronkite talks with the President and Mrs. Reagan in an exclusive hour-long interview.

[ABC 8:00] Happy Days [Reg]: Fonzie Gets Shot
Season 8, episode 15
W: Bob Howard   D: Jerry Paris

With Michael McManus (Sheriff), Sam Edwards (Dr. Abner), Michele Tobin (Allison).
Fonzie is shot in the backside, presumably by Potsie, during a weekend trip to Potsie's uncle's cabin. Fonzie, Chachi, and Roger each describe to the sheriff their versions of what happened.

[NBC 8:00] The Misadventures Of Sheriff Lobo [Reg]: The French Follies Caper
Season 2, episode 9
W: Bill Dial   D: Nicholas Colasanto

With Burr DeBenning (Rick Conti), Belinda Montgomery (Kate Benson), Herb Vigran (Pops), Douglas Dirkson (Frank Ingram), Kristine DeBell (Ginger), William Benedict (Junior), Marsha Haynes (Fifi), Robert Sutton (Larry), David Varnay (Collins), Charles Bartlett (Joe).
The puzzling theft of Perkins' hat puts Lobo, Birdie and Perkins on the path to cracking a bigger case involving embezzled funds and attempted murder by the impresario of a French Follies revue.

[ABC 8:30] Laverne & Shirley [Reg]: But Seriously, Folks
Season 6, episode 14
W: Jeff Franklin   D: Penny Marshall

With Marvin Braverman (Emcee), Ric Fazel (Comic), Frances Peach (Heckler).
Carmine's new stand-up comedy act is going badly until he starts making jokes at his friends' expense.

[CBS 9:00] Movie: The Pride Of Jesse Hallum (1981)
W: Suzanne Clauser   D: Gary Nelson

With Johnny Cash, Brenda Vaccaro, Eli Wallach, Chrystal Smith, Ben Marley.
A Kentucky coal miner moves to Cincinnati so that his daughter can receive surgery, but must come to grips with his illiteracy before he can make a better life for his family.

[ABC 9:00] Three's Company [Reg]: Teacher's Pet
Season 5, episode 16
W: Mark Tuttle   D: Dave Powers

With William Pierson (Dean Travers), Dorian Lopinto (Betty Jean Travers).
Jack teaches a cooking class and gives special attention to one student -- the Dean's niece.

[NBC 9:00] B.J. And The Bear [Reg]: Blonde In A Gilded Cage
Season 3, episode 7
W: Robert McCullough   D: Christian I. Nyby II

With Paul Williams (Dante Defoe), John Dullaghan (Nick), John Bloom (Munger), Murray the K (Rocky), Mary Angela Shea (Pamela Jurgenson).
An eccentric pop singer kidnaps beautiful blonde groupies and imprisons them in his mansion. When Stacks disappears, B.J. goes undercover as a singer to find and free her.

[ABC 9:30] Too Close For Comfort [Reg]: Centerfold
Season 1, episode 15
W: Bryan Joseph   D: Russ Petranto

With John McCook (Buck Krulik), Tom Williams (Frank Harris).
An "oversexed quarterback" chooses Muriel to photograph him in the nude for a magazine centerfold.

[ABC 10:00] Hart To Hart [Reg]: Homemade Murder
Season 2, episode 13
W: Leonard Kantor, Bill LaMond, Jo LaMond   D: Tom Mankiewicz

With Mimi Maynard (Deanne), Keene Curtis (Frank Kruger), Margaret Blye (Brenda Dunn), Stephen Young (Sgt. Cosgrove), Vito Scotti (Vito), Millie Perkins (Mindy Vernon), Don Stroud (Ciro).
A used bullet hidden in their house by a new Hart employee leads to a cat-and-mouse evening with murderers, as the Harts are held hostage in their own home while the two killers search for the evidence.

[NBC 10:00] Flamingo Road [Reg]: Trapped
Season 1, episode 8
W: Kathleen A. Shelley   D: Barry Crane

With John Shearin (Deputy Tyler), Glenn Robards (Jasper), Jason Bernard (Carl Turner), Charles Castillo (Juan Lopez), E. Lamont Johnson (George Turner), Stacy Keach Sr. (Senator Potter).
As Skipper prepares to leave Truro behind, his father is seriously injured in an accident that Skipper blames on himself.

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