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Thursday January 1, 1970
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4 Negro Players Quit South Team

TAMPA, Fla. -- Four black players quit the South team today and apparently left town without a word to officals of the American Bowl. Their departure left only one Negro on the South squad as it was completing practice for the all-star football game on Saturday. The four "failed to report for the morning practice and when they didn't, we made adjustments for four boys to take their places," said Coach Charlie McClendon of Louisiana State, the coach of the South squad.

Those who will be added include two Negro players from Florida A. & M. Those who left were Ron Gardin of Arizona and Ron Shanklin of North Texas State, wide receivers; Arthur James of East Texas State, a running back, and Glen Holloway of North Texas State, a tackle.

Lee Bouggess of the University of Louisville, a Negro running back, said the four telephoned him about 3 A.M. and said they were quitting and wanted him to go with them. Ron Gorton, a director of the game, said he understood the four had been involved in a dispute when they entered a private party sometime New Year's Eve at the Tampa Sheraton Hotel, the headquarters for the South team.

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