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. . . where the 1970s live forever!

Upgrades currently in progress, or to be started (hopefully) in the near future:

We're big sports fans here, so a lot of these pertain to sports but we're working on plenty of other things too. If you have a suggestion for a new feature, please let us know!
  • Information from the 1970s that doesn't necessarily link to a specific date (demographics, election results, etc.)
  • Site search to make finding information easier.
  • Transactions for sports other than MLB.
  • NBA and ABA scores, team rosters and statistics.
  • Ditto for the World Football League.
  • NCAA football scores and poll data.
  • World Hockey Assocation game summaries.
  • NFL/NHL/WHA stats snapshots for each day during a season, like we have for baseball.
  • Data from the "Billboard" weekly album charts.
  • Round-by-round daily PGA tour results.
  • Expansion of sports news headlines.
  • Add a mechanism for visitors to comment on news stories, sports results, TV shows, and everything else!

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