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Saturday December 30, 1978
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Sports headlines for Saturday December 30, 1978:

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Today's Top Performances
Terry Bradshaw (PIT)272 yards
Danny White (DAL)127 yards
Norris Weese (DEN)118 yards
Roger Staubach (DAL)105 yards
Steve Bartkowski (ATL)95 yards
Franco Harris (PIT)105 yards
Bubba Bean (ATL)72 yards
Scott Laidlaw (DAL)66 yards
Tony Dorsett (DAL)65 yards
Haskel Stanback (ATL)62 yards
John Stallworth (PIT)156 yards
Jack Dolbin (DEN)77 yards
Drew Pearson (DAL)75 yards
Wallace Francis (ATL)66 yards
Randy Grossman (PIT)64 yards

Atlanta Falcons (10-8-0) 7 13 0 0 20
Dallas Cowboys (13-4-0) 10 3 7 7 27
Att: 60,338 at Texas Stadium Game Summary

Denver Broncos (10-7-0) 3 7 0 0 10
Pittsburgh Steelers (15-2-0) 6 13 0 14 33
Att: 48,921 at Three Rivers Stadium Game Summary

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